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Brain Injury News: Recognizing the Benefits of Art

Individuals who live with brain injuries can greatly benefit from fun, creativity and socializing. When combined, these can do much to boost engagement and quality of life for brain-injured individuals. Activities such as artwork, drawing, and painting are not just recreation, but also have positive impacts, such as anxiety reduction. Recognizing the benefits of art activities for their members, one Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) set an example by hosting a fun art workshop this past August.

Women Athletes Sustain More Brain Injuries Than Men

It's a fact of science: women athletes sustain more brain injuries than men. Female sports scientists were the ones to get the ball rolling on research back in 2004, but both sports and scientific communities at large have been slow to react. With female participation in sports exploding in recent years, all - from mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers to coaches, trainers and media - need to be both aware and proactive about increased safety.

TBI - Could Near-Infrared Laser Treatment Offer New Hope?

Outside of the more conventional treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI), patients have looked at all kinds of alternative therapies. There's animal therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and more recently, transcranial near-infrared laser phototherapy. Two U.S. doctors pioneered this latter approach and now hope to conduct a large-scale study for scientific evidence to support the very positive results patients have experienced so far.

Football And Brain Injury - Is The Danger Overhyped?

All sports come with some degree of risk. But in recent popular perception, it's hard to separate the words "football" from "brain injury". In the light of a new research study, doubters and critics may see the results as a green light in support of football's rough-and-tumble nature. Yet, even the study's scientists are cautious about drawing definite conclusions about the sport and long-term brain health.

Car Seat Safety - Get A Great Start To Road Trip Season

Summer is in full swing and families are hitting the roads to enjoy some rest and recreation. Whether you're planning a stay-cation around the city or an out-of-town getaway, driving and car safety should figure high on your list of preparations. This week's post looks at a few tips about keeping your children safe with the proper use of up-to-date car seats.

The Social Media Risk - Cautions For Personal Injury Claimants

Social media has tremendous power to spread good vibes. Through their various channels, individuals around the globe can connect, share, encourage and inspire. But the same technological mediums are showing their potential to significantly impact the outcome of legal cases - including personal injury lawsuits. Our post this week looks at the risks and some tips that may help injury survivors support their claims for compensation.

Artists with Disabilities Showcased at Shades Of Ability

Creating art is one of the richest forms of self-expression that anyone can enjoy in the human experience. Our province abounds with fine artists who generate innovative and imaginative works. On the evening of Thursday, June 22nd, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) presents Shades of Ability, an Art Exhibition, and Sale showcasing the fruits of creative labours by Ontario artists living with disabilities.

Playground Safety Tips

With news of playground injuries on the rise, parents can minimize the risk of injury and focus on enjoying family time spent outdoors. We've gathered a list of tips to keep your precious little ones safe as they're frolicking on the playground.
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