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MV-1 Vehicles: Built-In Accessibility

You may have driven past one on the road and never knew the multitude of innovations that lay inside the stylish MV-1 vehicle. These wheelchair-accessible vehicles are the only ones to meet or exceed safety guidelines in both Canada and the U.S. As the first of its kind, the MV-1 was specifically designed for wheelchair users and their caregivers. They're an exciting development that is already boosting ease and enjoyment for users across the continent's roadways.

Accessibility Criteria For Elections Canada Polling Stations

"Accessibility" - it's a word that's often heard in the context of shopping malls, places of employment and public facilities. But, it also applies to polling stations. To that end, the Government of Canada provides a 35-point checklist to help all Canadians - including those of the disabled population - to participate in elections with as few barriers as possible.
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