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A Potpourri of Medico-Legal Cases 2016

This Wednesday, September 28, 2016, our firm's own Charles Gluckstein will be one of the special presenters at a dinner and case review hosted by the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto. It's an occasion for Toronto's doctors and lawyers to meet together as they work to advance understanding and co-operation in the intersecting areas of medicine, science, and justice.

The Self-Driving Vehicle Revolution: Are You Ready?

As we move from the information age to artificial intelligence we encounter increased distractions and new demands from technology in our lives. The area of transportation is nearing the greatest challenges and changes since the advent of the combustible engine.From today and into the future technology companies are aiming to take human error out of transportation. The effect on accidents, insurance, healthcare, and other industries will be profound. Are you ready for the future?
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