Midwife Negligence

Many mothers choose to obtain the services of a midwife to help them through childbirth. The Ontario government provides funding for some midwifery services, indicating its broadening acceptance within the medical system. Patients should therefore be able to trust that they will receive safe and effective care from a midwife.

When a midwife does not meet professional standards, it can cause heartbreaking results for mothers, their children and entire families. Finding out what happened to cause injury to the child or mother during birth is part of our work at Gluckstein Lawyers in Toronto. Midwife negligence claims are part of our comprehensive legal practice aimed at assisting people who face devastating consequences from medical errors.

Meeting Standards Of Care For Midwives

According to the Association of Ontario Midwives, members are experts in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Many women trust the knowledge and experience of midwives who can perform extraordinary work. In some cases, however, the activities or negligence of a midwife can lead to serious complications such as birth injury to the child.

When a family's life has been changed by injury to a child, or physical trauma to an expectant mother, it can be both shocking and emotionally devastating. Parents may have the joy of a new member of the family, but have that joy tempered by the anticipation of challenges that birth injury brings. At Gluckstein Lawyers, our medical malpractice counsel can help determine whether midwife negligence occurred and, if it is right for you and your family, take legal action in response.

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