Surgeon Errors

Surgery is a scary experience for most people. Even minor procedures can put patients in a state of physical and emotional vulnerability. Surgeons in Ontario receive specialized training and years of mentorship to ensure that they bring a high level of skill and knowledge to their work. When they fail to meet the high standards of practice expected of them, patients can suffer as a result.

Taking legal action against a surgeon is relatively rare and such cases are difficult. Your lawyer should be able to analyze the factual information and medical evidence to assess whether a case is likely to succeed; counsel should also have the determination and skill to advocate for you long term. Gluckstein Lawyers in Toronto and Niagara has a talented team of client-focused professionals who consistently stand by injured people and their families.

Legal Assessment Of Medical Error Claims

Mistakes during surgery can take a long time to come to light. Only after a period of time, when a patient's symptoms worsen or new symptoms arise, can it become clear that perhaps not everything went well during the procedure. Doctors may be less than forthcoming of about what happened, and patients may be left in a state of uncertainty about their future health and care.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we will consider surgeon malpractice cases once we have obtained details about what happened and have received an independent medical assessment of the case. Our lawyers help surgical error victims understand their legal options and whether a lawsuit may be right for them. Ultimately, we advise what we feel is in their best legal interests.

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