Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day in Ontario. Every day Personal Injury becomes someone's new reality. When you are that person, or his or her loved one, life may never be the same. Medical care is suddenly the central focus of day-to-day living. Home and family life take on a new level of importance.

When a car accident affects you, there is no question you should take care of your health and your family's welfare first. Practical concerns and obligations, however, do not go away. While you are prioritizing your loved ones, living expenses continue to mount. Medical care costs are incurred. Insurance claims, which should be straightforward, are stressful and bureaucratic.

Gluckstein Lawyers is here to help you through the legal hassles and to be your support system during recovery. Beyond being just a legal team, our firm has an in-house medical and rehabilitation consultant who can answer your questions about your injury. We take care to serve you full circle, from the accident through recovery and beyond.

Advocacy That Makes A Difference

Car accident claims are common in Ontario, but your injury experience is unique to you. Our car accident lawyers have Toronto and Niagara as our bases of operation, but we serve people throughout the province, learning about each client's individual needs and concerns. Whether your claim involves a no-fault accident benefit claim, a lawsuit for damages or both, we stay with you through it.

Contact Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have questions about your legal options following an auto accident injury, call our law firm in Niagara at 905-228-6169 or 416-408-4252 in Toronto or 1-866-308-7722 toll free. You can also contact us online.