Hit-And-Run Accidents

Being seriously hurt in a car accident is shocking, sometimes devastating. When you do not know who hit you, the aftermath can become an unwelcome maze of insurance forms and questions about who caused your injuries.

Hit-and-run accident victims have access to help, for their medical recovery and to ensure they can get the full support they need. Gluckstein Lawyers has been a firm of committed advocates for several decades in Ontario. We put our clients first; this means we take all the steps necessary to get you and your family what they need to rebuild their lives.

Strong Legal Advocates In The Face Of Uncertainty

After the driver who hits you leaves the scene of the collision, you may be in shock and in serious physical pain. Once your medical needs are attended to, you should take a few moments to jot down what you can remember about what happened, for example: the colour of the vehicle, any identifying features, the location of the collision and, if possible, names and numbers of any witnesses.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we will exhaust your legal options, including pursuing no-fault accident benefits, a tort claim and the Ontario government's Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund if necessary. We will remain at your side throughout the process and never take a step on your behalf that you don't approve of. Hit-and-run accidents can be legally complex, but experienced and hardworking lawyers can give you the legal guidance you need.

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