Broken Bones And Fractures

Trauma to the bones and joints is a common result of many car accidents and mishaps on property such as trips and falls. While broken bones and fractures often heal completely, extensive rehabilitation is frequently needed to get patients well again. During the period of recovery, life seems to stop while treatment takes priority.

When Personal Injury takes hold of your life, the effects are immediate. In addition to the medical condition, you may not be able to work or provide for your family. Insurance claims pose an additional burden that you simply may not have the know-how or energy to handle.

Gluckstein Lawyers in Toronto and Niagara is here for you. We are dedicated to assisting entire families during times of stress. Often, it is family members who seek our help, and we take the initiative on legal claims while they devote time to recovery.

Recognizing Long-Term Effects Of Breaks And Fractures

Many people with breaks and fractures go on to experience other kinds of physical or psychological injury. Car accidents can leave people with many different symptoms and impairments that must be tended to. Although there may be a prognosis of recovery for a fracture or joint injury, in some cases healing is delayed, or the injury gives rise to a  chronic pain or arthritic condition.

Ontario insurers are frequently resistant when it comes to paying benefits on a long-term basis, even when a patient's condition does not improve. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we are here to be your advocates, and to guide you to the resources you need for recovery. Our medical and legal team communicates regularly with care providers, so your life and well-being stay on track.

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