Chronic Pain

Chronic pain goes by many different names. In the past, patients have received diagnoses of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Symptoms can include pain that affects all parts of the body, or is consistently present in one area. Although opinions vary between medical fields, chronic pain is usually diagnosed after it has lasted for more than three to six months.

If you are living with chronic pain, you may be challenged by resistance of insurers to pay benefits that help you maintain your financial stability. As chronic pain may be difficult to prove medically, patients may not always get the help they need. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we help Toronto and Niagara region patients to access necessary benefits and medical care for their long-term well-being.

Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a stand-alone condition. Frequently, however, it comes about after another physical injury does not heal. What started as a fracture or broken bone after a car accident, for example, may turn into chronic pain over time. As mobility is regained somewhat after the original injury heals, patients experience overall, and debilitating, discomfort.

Insurance companies may pay benefits initially in response to one injury, but cut off benefits after a certain period of time. They may also be reluctant to acknowledge the psychological effects of chronic pain, which often results in depression. While someone with chronic pain is told, in effect, that he or she needs to get better, the tools to help in the recovery are often denied.

Our firm is dedicated to standing up for those with injuries, like chronic pain. Our lawyers are committed to working with medical professionals in Toronto, Niagara and throughout Ontario to get the right diagnosis and the right path to treatment. We work collaboratively to get you the help you need to recover.

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