Injuries To Children

Parents dread the experience of Personal Injury to their child. Parents are naturally protective and dedicated fully to their child's well-being. When a child is unexpectedly hurt, particularly in an environment where the child was thought to be safe, parents can feel angry, overwhelmed and helpless.

Parents need and deserve support. They should have access to the best possible opportunities for their child. When recovery of their child is uncertain, they should be connected with the medical rehabilitation, therapeutic initiatives and caregivers who can give them a bright future. Parents can rarely do everything alone.

Gluckstein Lawyers is a dedicated team of Ontario medical and legal professionals. Clients come first at our firm. When parents come to us for help, we take the time to hear their concerns and offer practical, reliable advice about what we can do legally to put their minds at ease.

Experienced Representation For Childhood Injuries

When a child is injured, there are many unknowns that come into play. As a child is still growing, the prognosis for recovery could be in flux. It may take some time before medical professionals know what the child's future will look like, and what kind of care he or she will need for the long term.

Children are vulnerable by nature. Injuries happen at places meant to be safe for kids, including playgrounds, swimming pools, amusement parks and other facilities with equipment that should be in good condition and well-supervised. Like adults, children are sometimes hurt in car accidents and can suffer long-term effects from a collision.

Legal cases involving child injuries can be legally complex. A court will take specific steps to ensure the child's interests are protected, including making sure any settlement reached is in the child's best interests. Like their parents, we at Gluckstein Lawyers want to do what is best for the injured young people we represent. We remain mindful of this objective throughout the legal process.

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