Scars And Burns

Permanent disfigurement, skin and nerve sensitivity, and physical pain can result from scars and burns. Scarring can come from the residue of a car crash, when bits of glass and metal penetrate skin, or when a motorcyclist experiences road rash. If burns or scars are part of your injury experience, they are likely just a small part of your story. At Gluckstein Lawyers, we want to understand every aspect of what you are going through, so we can help.

Our firm was one of the first to recognize the need for medical and legal professionals to work collaboratively to advance client care. That is why our team includes an in-house medical/rehabilitation expert who can answer your questions about injury, and help you and your family cope. We have home bases in Toronto and Niagara, but our team has a wide reach, throughout Ontario.

Understanding The Full Effects Of Scars And Burns

For many people, scars and burns have long-lasting effects. Physical disfigurement can lead to psychological and emotional trauma. In addition, the skin can be more sensitive, making it more vulnerable to future injury. Burns in particular can require extensive rehabilitation and limit mobility.

In the case of any Personal Injury, rehabilitation and medical intervention should be the first priority of patients. When injury comes without warning, everyday people and their families are often not prepared for the way it changes their lives. Understandably, families need support, care and guidance, medically and legally — at Gluckstein Lawyers, this is what we provide.

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