ABI Survivor

I truly empathize with anyone who needs to engage in a legal battle because of an illness, injury or accident . It is for this reason that I recommend GLUCKSTEIN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS.... Read more >

Peter graduated from High School!
ABI Survivor

When my family was in a car accident that left my then 8 year old son with a brain injury life became all about him. After many tests and doctor visits with no results we found Gluckstein Lawyers... Read more >

Sandra: Because of One Moment in Time
After the Accident

This is my story of how I lost my best friend. I endured physical and mental injuries; ended up putting a burden on my family and friends — because of one moment in time. I never imagined that anything like this would happen to me... Read more >

SCI Survivor

I am not sure if we would have received the same type of personal attention else where.They have become more than advisors and have kept in touch with us long after our settlement. Read more >

Benjamin: Conquer Brain Injury
ABI Survivor, Painter

I have experienced those incredibly dark, low days where you feel you have lost everything — that there is no hope of overcoming the devastation that has hit your family. Because of Gluckstein's advocacy for my son, my son was not just another statistic. He was a human being who deserved the best shot at life possible. Read more >

Doris: You helped save my life
I am forever grateful

You did more than represent my case. You offered hands-on help every step of the way, in my recovery and my life. I will forever remember the journey you and your team undertook with me over these years in a very complex situation that not many people would have taken on as a case. Read More >

Client Notes of Appreciation

You may not know it but I was so fortunate to have the team I had. You all helped in my progress in leaps and bounds by encouraging me to keep my head up — with the understanding, kindness, laughter and strength each one of you brought into my life.
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