Benjamin: Conquer Brain Injury

I am the Mother of a Brain Injury Survivor

L E T T E R  l

I have experienced those incredibly dark, low days where you feel you have lost everything - that there is no hope of overcoming the devastation that has hit your family. If you are a mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, or friend, the effects of loving someone who has suffered an acquired brain injury is a very intense, emotional journey.

Upon hearing the prognosis that my son, Benjamin, would never walk, talk, play the piano, or experience emotion as a result of his brain injury, I was overwhelmed by uncertainty for the future. I was scared for my son, for myself, wondering if I could be there for him in the way I knew he would need me - until I connected with people who wanted to rescue me from that confusion and infuse my life with hope again.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers offered my family their support, guidance, love, and patience. Through the efforts of Bernard and Charles Gluckstein, Dianne Henderson and their team, Benjamin was able to come home and thrive in his own home environment while undergoing intensive therapy. Because of Gluckstein's advocacy for my son, we were able to tap into so many different resources that we never would have known were available. Under their watch, my son was not just another statistic. He was a human being who deserved the best shot at life possible. When they believed in him, I realized that I was capable of believing in him and, that together, we could conquer brain injury.

Reshaped by all his troubles, today, he is a different Benjamin. Through his art, Benjamin is touching the lives of others and has been recognized by the Hamilton Health Science Group (Hamilton General); St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto); the Canadian Art Society; and, by the Lieutenant Governor General with three proud displays in Toronto.

We have been blessed by our continued relationship with Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers in immense ways and they continue to be part of our family. They are dedicated, warm and strive to ensure success for you. I was once like you, feeling the weight of the world and it was crushing me. Let someone take that weight off of your shoulders, and let it be them.

Anita Sloetjes and Family

P H O T O S  l Benjamin Sloetjes and his mother, Anita  l  Acrylic Abstract Art  l

A B S T R A C T  A R T  l

On September 19, 2002 at age 18, Benjamin started his journey as an acquired brain injury survivor. After four years of intense therapy that focused on walking and balance, speech pathology, cognitive and fine motor skills, his paintings now encompass all of these therapies. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers is honoured to be a part of Ben and Anita's journey, begun in 2002 to present day. l Ben's Art l