Sandra: Because of One Moment in Time

L E T T E R  l

This is my story of how I lost my best friend; endured a lot of physical and mental injuries and scars; and, ended up putting a burden on my family and friends - because of one moment in time.

One moment in time can change a million after it. I never imagined that anything like this would happen to me; never mind deciding on who would be the right lawyer to represent me; is willing to fight with me, for happiness I seek once again; for what I believe to be right. I found that assurance in Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers.

I remember the day quite well, when Bernie and Dianne came to see me in the hospital. After the accident, it seemed that anger and revenge consumed me at times, yet would not bring back the special person that was lost that day.

Dianne and Bernie listened intently, and understood the sea of emotion that I was swimming in; consoling me with just a smile and a nod. Charles, with all his solidity, and his knowledgeable and compassionate colleagues made my transition in life a lot easier to accept.

If we were all to strive to help others to deal with the unfair decision that the powers to be have made for us, and we succeed at this, then maybe we can understand better that for every door that closes another opens with the hope of making our tomorrows better than our yesterdays. Having a strong, confident lawyer gives you the confidence to open those doors, and the hope that things will become more acceptable with time.

By sharing my experience with others during and after my accident, I have been able to pay it forward many times, shedding light on the emotions and feelings that have evolved. I have even had people say "thank you" to me that I am an inspiration to them.

The Gluckstein team...

Charles, my mother always said you were small but mighty, combine that with experience, both acquired by yourself and passed down from your wonderful, charismatic father Bernie. Charles you are committed, confident, funny and kind - Thank you.

Dianne Henderson with her intimate wisdom, compassion and endless tenacity, let me know that I was never alone. Phone calls and emails and holding my hand as a good friend would, so I knew I was not alone - Thank you.

Laura Sheramata for helping me to understand all the legal paperwork and emails and for giving me that shoulder to cry on; a friend forever - Thank you.

A loss can never be prevented but can be made acceptable through love support and understanding. New friendships are always a blessing. I was absolutely amazed at the support and understanding I received from Charles and his entire team. As a lawyer, he gave me the opportunity to see my life in a different perspective after the accident, and not giving up my old life because of circumstantial misfortune.

Charles, Dianne, Bernie, Jonathon and Laura made me want to give hope and strength back to the ones in need. Six years later I can say that the friendship and love I so strongly shared with my special friend will be contagious enough to spread amongst us. You all gave me something to believe in again and that's "Me". I thank you for that. The firm helped to make my life real again. It may not be the way it was, and is certainly not easy with all the injuries I sustained, but accepting and moving forward are the fundamental aspects of this life we live.

Gilda Radner once said, "I wanted a perfect ending." Now I have learned the hard way that some poems don't rhyme and some stories don't have a clear beginning middle and end. Life is about not knowing; having to change taking the moment and making the best of it. Without knowing what's going to happen next.

To all the loved ones we miss and love... this was my story for you. To Charles and my new friends at Gluckstein - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like a good friend, I will never forget you.

Sincerely, Sandra Aiken