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May 2017 Archives

OTLA Distinguished Service Award: Charles Gluckstein

AWARD OF DISTINCTION: Gluckstein Lawyers proudly announces that Charles Gluckstein will receive the OTLA 2017 Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his "long-standing and dedicated service to furthering the goals and ideals of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA)."

Potential Treatment Gives Hope To Spinal Cord Injured

Treatments for spinal cord injuries are on the advance. Especially welcome is news that an assistant professor of bioengineering at UCLA is developing a treatment that could be groundbreaking for members of the spinal cord injury community. The new device has the potential "to make paralysis a phase rather than a lifestyle."

Self-Driving Cars: The Answer For Seniors With Mobility Issues?

With most Canadians currently living in car-dependent suburbs, how will aging seniors get around? The Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRRP) estimates 1 in 4 Canadians will be 65 years or older by the year 2041. Add to this, the Ministry of Transportation projects that only 42% of seniors will have a driver's license by 2037, either as a result of injury or aging-related mobility issues. Are self-driving cars the answer for seniors?

A Girl, Her Therapy Horse And The Power Of Healing

The journey to recovery for a young car accident survivor named Brianna is paved with hoofs - those of her beloved therapy horse, Ike. Brianna's family turned to Gluckstein Lawyers after she was involved in an accident that left her with a brain injury as a toddler. When Brianna met Ike, they forged bonds of friendship and support that go beyond simply that of rider and horse.

Concussion: Protecting Yourself From Workplace Injuries

The Public Health Agency of Canada predicts that by 2031, the incidence of hospitalization for concussion-related reasons will increase. The agency estimates that numbers will rise by 28 percent in comparison to 2011. With workplace accidents on the rise, how can workers protect themselves?
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