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Operation Red Nose - UPDATE

In December, we posted a blog featuring a holiday safe driving campaign called Operation Red Nose. We are thrilled to share that Operation Red Nose announced that their 2014 holiday season campaign was very successful! They provided safe rides for over 76,105 Canadians across the nation.

Defeat of Joint and Several Liability Reform a Victory for Victims

Charles Gluckstein, Immediate Past President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), took an early lead in the fight against restrictive Joint and Several Liability reform with regard to municipalities. Powerful interest groups lobbied for changes to the law -- changes that could have left victims of serious injury without sufficient compensation.

Personal injury lawyers' duties include pro bono after-care

In the role as a competent representative of clients, the personal injury lawyer performs various functions. As an advisor, the lawyer provides a client with an understanding of his or her legal rights and obligations. As an advocate, the lawyer advances the clients position fearlessly and with vigour. As negotiator, the lawyer seeks a result advantageous to the client relative to the realities of the case and the requirements of fair and honest dealings. As an intermediary, advisor and evaluator, the lawyer seeks to reconcile the interests of both parties. Competent representation, then, implies that the lawyer takes on the case with sufficient legal knowledge, skill and training to properly perform these numerous functions.

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