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Putting Clients First

Our clients can quickly see the progress of their personal injury case, review key events, documents and browse our helpful information library so that they are always informed about their case. Designed with their needs in mind, the portal is mobile-optimized so that our clients can stay connected with us, whenever and wherever they are.


Keeping clients in the loop, removing confusion about the status of their case, is important to us. Our Client Portal’s key features include:

Case Overview, Events and Documents

All case progress, events, documents, personal profile and more is readily available, up-to-date, all in one easy-to-use solution that can be used on any device. See how Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers work towards the settlement of your personal injury case.

Notification Center

Easily control how you get notified about updates and changes to your case. E-mail notifications keep you up-to-date when new documents are uploaded or when new events happen.

Information Library

Legal terminology can be confusing. Our information library helps you understand the legal process through sample documents and guides.


We’re here to help. Having trouble with your profile on our Client Portal? Contact us directly and we’ll help resolve the issue.

Talk to Us

Through our Client Portal, you can contact us directly with any questions or concerns related to your case. Easily update your personal information in your User Profile so that your lawyer can contact you at your convenience.

Review User Guide

Navigate the portal with ease using our clear and helpful user guide.