Gluckstein Bear


Gluckstein Cheerleader Bear, Debuts June 2017
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The Gluckstein Cheerleader Bear has arrived!

The Teddy Bear - the best friend that tagged along with you everywhere during childhood. The constant companion that you could always count on. The one who slept cheek to cheek with you every night. And now, we're reminiscing and celebrating our favourite fuzzy friend. In fact, we've been bringing our Gluckstein Teddy Bear to work with us for quite some time!

Spreading The Positive Spirit!

Today, the teddy bear is a universal symbol filled with meaning to kids and adults everywhere - love, tenderness, childhood, and innocence. Every bear and every owner has a story to tell.

Gluckstein Lawyers has its own special teddy bear mascot and will be debuting their new Cheerleader Bear at CARE4You 2017, our annual Compassion Fatigue professional development day that cares for those who care for others.

We hope you enjoy our slideshow collection of various moments saved over the years! Our Gluckstein Bear has not only travelled with us, he has accompanied our clients, friends and associates around the world.


Gluckstein Doctor Bear

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Gluckstein Julia Bear and her Poodle