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Legal X Conference | Filevine User Conference

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Legal X Conference | Filevine User Conference

Charles Gluckstein will be presenting on Tuesday, September 28, from 4:45 PM – 5:25 PM on Integrating Document Management into Filevine at the Legal X Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His presentation will focus on how to take your regular document management software and integrate it with a Filevine case so you have everything in one place. By streamlining your documents, you can simplify your law practice.


Our Commitment to Technology & Innovation

In 2018 Gluckstein Lawyers was among the first in Canada to implement Filevine, a cloud-based customizable file management software platform with enhanced security measures.

Through Filevine, Gluckstein Lawyers can readily access “virtual” filing cabinets from any secure location worldwide. It provides the firm with access to all cases and documents, allowing them to stay ahead of deadlines, move files forward, and facilitate communication with clients, other lawyers, insurers, healthcare providers and legal support services. These technologies have resulted in more manageable workloads for staff while earning high satisfaction ratings from clients.


Gluckstein Lawyers’ Participation: Speaker

Charles Gluckstein acts as an advocate to assist other lawyers in embracing the future of legal technology.  He frequently discusses these technologies and strategies at conferences and meetings both locally and worldwide to work towards the modernization of the profession.


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