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Medical Malpractice Professional Webinars

Our “Risky Business” Medical Malpractice conference was a massive success, and our speakers were just as popular!

We still have more quality insights to share with you! For that reason, Charles Gluckstein and Jan Marin will be hosting webinars of their talks this week.


Gluckstein Lawyers’ Participation: Event Hosts

Jan Marin’s Webinar will be on October 30th, and her topic is, “How to Become a Tech Savvy Medical Malpractice Lawyer: The Usage of Electronic Medical Records.”

Tune in for Jan’s Webinar on October 30th from 12:00 PM Eastern Time HERE.

Charles Gluckstein’s Webinar will be on November 1st, and his topic is, “Managing your Medical Malpractice File with Technology.”

Tune in for Charles’s Webinar on November 1st at 2:30 PM Eastern Time HERE.

These programs contain 30 minutes of professional content.