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Gluckstein Lawyers would like to thank you for attending the 15th Annual Compassion Fatigue Conference on February 18th, 2021.

Thank you for joining us on Thursday, February 18, 2021, for an entire morning of reconnecting as we shared lessons and stories focused on this year’s theme of “Finding a Silver Lining.”

Compassion has always been at the heart of what we do at Gluckstein Lawyers. This conference is about giving back to our community and many incredible individuals who work tirelessly to care for others, whether in a professional capacity as nurses, social workers or family members including parents and caregivers.

Especially during difficult times, it is hard to find that silver lining, so we want to inspire you and bring some joy to your daily practice.

Stay tuned for more information about next year’s annual Compassion Fatigue Conference.

Did You Miss The Conference?

You can watch it here:

Meet The Speakers

The curated lineup of speakers will be sharing stories of struggle, triumph, empathy, and support to help understand what compassion fatigue is and how we can learn to take care of ourselves and each other.

Dr. Nadia Alam

compassion fatigue conference profiles nadiaNadia Alam is a recognized physician leader, strategist and policy analyst. She is a family doctor and anesthetist, a widely published writer and an established speaker. Apart from her medical degree, Nadia has also achieved a Master’s in health economics, policy and management through the LSE. She has presented several health policy subjects, including primary care, health system performance and funding, change management, leadership, pharmacare and burnout. She works on several regional and provincial health policy tables. She has been recognized for her achievements over the years, winning the U of T DFCM’s 2018 Teaching Award of Excellence, Toronto Life’s 2019 50 Most Influential People, the CWIM 2020 Inspiring Physician award, and U of T IHPME’s 2020 Louise-Lemieux Charles Health System Leadership Award.

Graham Bettes

compassion fatigue conference profiles grahamGraham Bettes is part of an international group based in Niagara that supports veterans and first responders who have PTSD. First Responders are considered those who take an oath to provide care or haven – i.e., ambulance drivers, emergency physicians, acute hospital staff etc. Graham Bettes is a detective for Peel Regional Police for 29 years. He is a Chaplain/Ordained Minister for The Valhalla Project of Niagara. He served as a Sergeant for the Canadian Armed Forces and currently a volunteer for the Niagara-On-The-Lake Fire Department.

Luke Anderson

compassion fatigue conference profiles lukeLuke Anderson is the Executive Director for StopGap Foundation, a Canadian Charity aiming to create accessible communities. In 2002 he suffered a high-level spinal cord injury after a mountain biking accident. He instantly found himself living in a world not well designed for someone who gets around using a wheelchair, where a single step is as large a barrier as a flight of stairs. He began the StopGap Foundation in 2013 and had been working towards a barrier-free world ever since.

Michelle MacIntosh

compassion fatigue conference profiles michelleMichelle MacIntosh, MSW, RSW has been an advocate for mental wellness for individuals, families and companies for over 20 years. Michelle believes that we need to take care of each other to manage to live in our world. While working full time in mental health during Covid, she has learned lessons and found a silver lining. Recently her motto has become “Softly, gently we move forward.”

Robyn Moore

compassion fatigue conference profiles robynRobyn Moore is a founder and volunteer with Precious Angels Niagara, a charitable service for families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss. Precious Angels Niagara transforms donated wedding dresses into tiny “angel wraps” and “angel gowns” for early-term losses from 20 weeks gestation to full-term babies born still and infants up to 3 months of age. Precious Angels Niagara donates them to families, completely free of charge, through Hospitals and Funeral Homes all across the province of Ontario and beyond.

Valerie Spironello

compassion fatigue conference profiles valerieValerie has been a social worker for over 30 years, working in various settings, including health care (palliative care, chronic illness), child welfare, and domestic violence. Valerie is an Assistant Professor (PT) with the Department of Family Medicine teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. She has provided workshops and presentations to service providers on various topics such as compassion fatigue, work/life balance, mindfulness and end-of-life care. Valerie is a meditation teacher trained in the use of mindfulness in the clinical setting. She is also a yoga teacher, which she finds incredibly healing. In her private practice Choose Wellness, she provides counselling, groups, workshops, and retreats to help others live well in Body, Mind and Spirit. After experiencing compassion fatigue herself, Valerie committed to using her ‘re-found’ sense of humour to help others look at and live their best life!

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