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“Risky Business” Medical Malpractice Conference Was A Huge Success!


Risky Business Conference

On Friday October 18th, 2019 Gluckstein Lawyers were thrilled to host our first ever Medical Malpractice conference. Risky Business: The Anatomy of Medical Malpractice was held at the Ajax Convention Centre where we welcomed guests from across the GTA, and from many different professions, to hear a variety of topics from our speakers.


4 Lawyers

The Heavy Hitters 

The first half of our day was heavy in content covering topics such as birth trauma, and the hospital and doctor perspectives of a medical malpractice law suit. The morning was capped off by an excellent Q and A panel with Richard Halpern, Bill Carter, Michael Royce and moderated by Ryan Breedon.


Charles Gluckstein


Lunchtime entertainment!

Lunch was an opportunity to network with friends and colleagues, new and old, while listening to elegant music from the Dr. Ted Brankston band and then he lead us into the afternoon session. Dr. Brankston outlined the power of music and mindfulness, and how we can all incorporate techniques into our everyday busy lives. Carol Briebier walked us through some of the ins and outs of future care planning, Brenda Agnew talked to the crowd from the lens of a client liaison and Ryan Breedon took us through the elements of proving causation in a medical malpractice case.  


Dr. Brankston playing saxophone


It is not over yet…

Our speakers and attendees were so engaged, and there was much back and forth, so much so that we ran out of time for our last two speakers of the day. But the bonus of that was we will now be offering webinars for the presentations by Charles Gluckstein and Jan Marin, so our attendees will have access to those topics via an great extension of our event. Stay tuned for more information!


Expert Panel


Mingling with friends and colleagues ends the day.

The day wrapped up with a chance for our speakers and guests to network over food and drinks and connect to discuss in more detail the ideas that were generated from a great day of sharing and learning. Our guests also provided feedback on what they would like to have heard more about, and some fantastic follow up ideas for our next event!


Brenda Agnew and two lawyers