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2nd annual medical malpractice conference, titled, "Risky Business: Navigating Challenges in Medical Malpractice Cases" on November 5, 2020

Risky Business: Navigating Challenges in Medical Malpractice Cases

What It’s All About

Gluckstein Lawyers is excited to host our second annual Medical Malpractice Conference, “Risky Business.” The theme of this year’s conference is “Navigating Challenges in Medical Malpractice Cases.” Medical malpractice cases are complex, and we wanted to create a forum to share our knowledge and expertise.

The engaging lineup of speakers, intended to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience and incite meaningful discussion includes Justice Turnbull opening with “Observations from the Bench: The Issue of Causation in a Medical Malpractice Case before a Jury: Uribe vs. Tsandelis” and later on in the day Richard Halpern presenting on, “Getting to Know Your Case. Gathering the facts, Understanding the medicine, identifying the issues, and assessing the merits. Other presenters include Charles Gluckstein, Matt Lalonde, Ryan Breedon and Derek Nicholson.

Who Should Attend?

Risky Business has curated content by experts in the field, designed to educate personal injury lawyers, defence lawyers, rehabilitation professionals and others who wish to learn about the complex nature of medical negligence files.

In-Person & Virtual Option. What Works Best For You?

Gluckstein Lawyers is very excited to have you join us for a day of learning, professional development and community. To that end, we have decided to host an in-person conference with a limited capacity of 50 people. An essential part of this conference is networking with speakers and guests who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to leverage and share.

If you cannot attend the conference in person, we will also be hosting it on a virtual platform so you will be able to access the speakers from the office or home.

How to Register

Please complete and submit the contact form here, and we will add you to the registration. There is no cost to attend. Please confirm if you would like to participate in the conference in person or virtually.

Conference Details

Gluckstein Lawyers will be hosting the in person Medical Malpractice Conference on November 5, 2020, at the Four Points Sheraton in Thorold, ON.

Your Safety is Our Concern

As we are all very concerned about the pandemic, the well-being of our speakers and guests, and abiding by provincial regulations and restrictions, you can feel confident that we are designing this conference with participants’ safety foremost in mind.

All safety precautions, including mandatory masks, hand sanitizer stations, and physical distancing measures, will be in place. All speakers will be required to present behind protective plexiglass to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Our plan is flexible, and we will adapt to new measures or restrictions as they are put in place by the Ontario government. Please continue to check our website for updates as COVID-19 restrictions may change.

We look forward to seeing you there!