Zimmer Biomet ExploR Modular Radial Head Class Action

Gluckstein Lawyers has commenced a proposed class-action personal injury lawsuit alleging that the negligent design of the ExploR Modular Radial Head System medical device used in elbow surgeries across Canada results in permanent injuries and the need for corrective surgery and future care.

The proposed class action is brought against Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc., Biomet Orthopedics LLC, Zimmer of Canada Limited and Zimmer Cas. The class representative on whose behalf the action has been launched experienced an ExploR Modular Radial Head System device failure following elbow surgery in 2017.

Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. designed, manufactured and distributed the ExploR Modular Radial Head System device. The device was advertised to “improve elbow function by restoring the stability and length of the radial head” and offer an efficient, practical solution for treating patients and/or recipients with degenerative or post-traumatic conditions of the proximal radial head/neck.

The ExploR Modular Radial Head System has caused many Canadians to suffer emotional, physical and psychological injuries due to device failure and loosening parts. This alleged device failure will ultimately require patients to seek medical attention and undergo complicated revision surgeries to replace the defective device. They will also require future care.

What is the ExploR Modular Radial Head System?

The ExploR Modular Radial Head System device uses a modular design. This design allows the head to be replaced without removing the implanted stem and reproduces the natural articulation of radio-capitellar and radio-ulnar joints. During partial elbow replacement surgeries using the Explor Modular Radial Head System device, surgeons implant the stem into the bone on one side of the joint and load the head from the side, secured with a set screw to the stem.

The Statement of Claim (SOC) alleges the device was improperly designed, manufactured and tested, resulting in the screw backing out into the elbow and ultimately device failure. The design of the screw came with no warnings about tightness and/or torque limiters for operating surgeons to follow.

Am I a Victim of ExploR Modular Radial Head System Device Failure?

If you or a loved one has experienced complications or has required revision surgery after receiving the ExploR Modular Radial Head System, the team Gluckstein Lawyers is prepared to represent you with integrity and help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, the reason may be the result of the alleged negligent design and failure of the ExploR Modular Radial Head System:

  • instability
  • swelling
  • inflammation
  • pain and stiffness

These symptoms may impair your ability to use your elbow/arm and perform your activities of daily living and employment. Such complications may result in permanent injuries, the need for corrective surgery, and future care requirements.

If you or a loved one have experienced complications from elbow surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our class action lawyers for further information about the lawsuit.

Contact Us About an ExploR Modular Radial Head System Class Action

Have you required revision surgery after the ExploR Modular Radial Head System was initially implanted, and have you been suffering pain, instability or other complications since? If so, please get in touch with Jordan Assaraf at Gluckstein Lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

We will sit down with you to review your case and offer our professional insights about moving forward. At Gluckstein, everyone who walks through our doors is treated like family. We know that the legal process can be stressful and difficult. We are committed to offering full-circle care to our clients, covering the legal aspects of a case and offering support for your emotional and rehabilitative needs during and after the case is completed.

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