You Are Not Alone

Many survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse are seeking closure, a way to heal, a way to move forward — often years after the abuse. They need a safe place where they can discuss their legal options with lawyers who have special expertise in, and understanding of, their situation.

The Sexual abuse and sexual assault team at Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers provides that safe place. We have helped hundreds of survivors, whether the sexual assault was an isolated incident or long-term sexual abuse. We help them sort through their legal options to find the way that will help them the most. We can help them hold both the abuser and responsible institutions to account. We can empower them to stand up for themselves, secure in the knowledge that they are protected by our extensive legal experience with sexual assault cases. If they choose to sue, we know how to prepare an effective lawsuit that will help them achieve their healing goals.

A recent study published by the Canadian Mental Health Association found that almost one in three Canadian adults were abused as children. No right-thinking person would ever blame an abused child. Yet perpetrators are masterful at making children feel shame, that something is wrong with them and that the abuse is their fault. These feelings often carry into adulthood. Perpetrators are also masters at securing the child’s silence. Many survivors wait decades to come forward; some never do.

Coming forward is a brave thing to do and it takes a lot of courage. For some survivors pursing legal cases is an important step in the healing journey. However, it is not for everyone. While a lawyer can certainly give you a legal opinion on the strength of your case, only you can decide if pursuing a legal case is the right decision for you.

Some survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault come forward to encourage others to do so as well, or to draw public attention to an important issue (i.e., public awareness and education) and to make the world a safer place for children now and in the future.

This website provides information for survivors of sexual assault or sexual abuse who are trying to decide whether to take legal action. A civil lawsuit is different from criminal proceedings and can be brought against people or organizations, whether they were the abuser or responsible for the welfare of the victim. We provide an initial consultation at no charge; if we think there is a realistic chance of winning the case, we will take the case on contingency, which means that the client does not pay until we win a settlement in the lawsuit.

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At Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers, we recognize and respect the sensitivity of personal information.

Understandably, you may have concerns about your privacy. We can take steps to protect your privacy, even in court, by beginning your case with your initials instead of your name.

Taking that first step to contact a law firm to discuss how you were hurt by sexual abuse can be challenging, but when that call is made to Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein you can trust it will be received with all the compassion, professionalism and respect that you need and deserve.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.