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Brain Injuries Archives

Women Athletes Sustain More Brain Injuries Than Men

It's a fact of science: women athletes sustain more brain injuries than men. Female sports scientists were the ones to get the ball rolling on research back in 2004, but both sports and scientific communities at large have been slow to react. With female participation in sports exploding in recent years, all - from mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers to coaches, trainers and media - need to be both aware and proactive about increased safety.

Young Brain Trauma Discovered Within One Season Of Football Play

A recent study conducted by the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas has revealed just how sensitive the brain is to impact. The study measured brain tissue in high school football players and found worrisome changes after only a single season of play. The study sheds more light the development of brain injury and may contribute to keeping sports healthy for young players.

The Eleventh World Congress on Brain Injury

Earlier this month Gluckstein Lawyers had the opportunity to attend the Eleventh World Congress on Brain Injury in The Netherlands. It was an incredible and informative conference, one that we are so grateful to have participated in.

Treating Brain Injuries with New Wireless Sensor Help?

In previous posts we have discussed how brain injuries might occur, and the dramatic impact they can have on the life of the person who suffers from them. As a part of the treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), brain sensors are sometimes used, including the introduction of a new wireless sensor.
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