SCIO Peer Support Program

SCI Ontario's Peer Support Program connects people living with spinal cord
injuries to fully-trained volunteers who can share their experience and
knowledge. We can connect family members, too! We complement professional
services provided in acute hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community
based health and social service agencies.

Trained Peer Support Volunteers are people with personal experience with an
SCI and family members of people with injuries. Our volunteers have "been
there; done that" and are willing to help those who are newly injured, and
their families, as they adjust to life with an SCI.

For a person with a new SCI, thinking about the challenges of the future can
be daunting. But, nobody should have to contemplate these life changes in
isolation. By listening, sharing their own experiences and providing
practical information, volunteers provide one-to-one support.

"Finding my Peer Support Volunteer was a real turning point for me. He
opened my eyes to what was possible. He answered my tough personal questions
with honesty and a positive attitude. That made my recovery a whole lot
better." - Kevin

Contact [email protected] if you would like to talk to someone
or to inquire about becoming a volunteer.

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