Who We Are

Move forward with dignity, respect and trusted experience.

We meet our personal injury clients at one of the most challenging periods in their lives. At a time when you may be overwhelmed, scared, angry, sad, and having difficulty imagining that things will get better, you deserve to find professionals who will stand by you, uplift you and guide you through each and every obstacle ahead.

Our team of personal injury lawyers offers the gentle touch and compassion your family needs when faced with life-altering injuries while still fiercely advocating for your rights. As we get to know you and understand your interests and feelings, you will soon see that ensuring you or a loved one's well-being is front and centre of everything we do.

Putting your needs first.

Since our founding in 1962, Gluckstein Lawyers has committed to always putting our clients first. Our firm has grown through strategic partnerships with experienced, knowledgeable and trusted personal injury lawyers across Ontario. Still, we have never lost sight of our prime reason for existing: serving people who have sustained traumatic personal injuries with dignity, respect and empathy. Helping you move forward with your life motivates us as your advocates.

Recognized as one of the top boutique personal injury firms by our peers in the legal industry, Gluckstein Lawyers is renowned for our commitment to full circle client care and our dedication to supporting and empowering people living with disabilities. Gluckstein Lawyers stands with our clients beyond their settlement. With a medical specialist on staff, we assist our clients and their family in acclimating to their new circumstances.

At one of the worst periods of your life, choose a legal representative determined to ensure that you see better days ahead—Trust Gluckstein Lawyers to be there for you when you need it the most.

Our Gluckstein family.

Founded by Bernard Gluckstein, one of Canada's most prominent personal injury lawyers for over six decades, Gluckstein Lawyers has become one of Canada's most respected law firms.

Today, Bernard's son and renowned personal injury lawyer Charles Gluckstein leads a team that lives by our founder's reputation for honesty, dedication to clients, and commitment to humanitarian efforts.

Charles has strategically expanded the firm's partnerships with notable personal injury lawyers across the province (including Nicholson Gluckstein in Ottawa, Rastin Gluckstein in Barrie, and Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein, specializing in Sexual Abuse). He has also guided the firm to undertake innovative projects, and advance thought leadership within the field.

Our values.

Giving back is incredibly important to us. As regular sponsors of annual conferences, symposia and social events for non-profit associations (at times founded and operated by our former clients), we have a solid and organic connection to the medical and disabled communities.

From the very beginning, the Gluckstein name has been associated with supporting people who have suffered personal injuries to live their best life. Whether through winning court cases, negotiating beneficial settlements, or supporting our clients by investing in medical research, support groups, or advocacy organizations, our family's firm is ready to help you and your family achieve a better future.

Our expertise.

By focusing our firm's efforts on personal injury law, we can devote all our energy to keeping up to date with relevant case law, cutting edge medical research, and developing connections within related sectors. Personal injury cases can be complex and very challenging to pursue. By choosing a firm with expertise in specific areas, you can be confident we will know how to handle any unexpected issues and use our network of medical experts to great effect.

Celebrated as pioneers in our field, Gluckstein Lawyers has become an award-winning industry leader in:

Our team.

Our trusted team of lawyers has extensive experience at trial and around the negotiating table. Our support staff includes people who have their own personal experiences with life-changing personal injuries and former medical personnel who have a detailed understanding of the workings of the healthcare systems.

Let Gluckstein Lawyers' comprehensive knowledge and experience go to work for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Make a referral.

With 60+ years of experience in personal injury law, Gluckstein Lawyers is ranked as a Top 10 Personal Injury law firm in Canada and recognized by our peers as an industry leader in innovation and client advocacy. We are often contacted by members of the legal community who come into files beyond their usual practice areas.

If you are a lawyer who has received a complex personal injury case that requires our expertise, we will graciously accept your referral. Rest assured that your client will be in strong and experienced hands and treated with the utmost respect, compassion, and care as we guide them through the legal process. We also welcome the opportunity to co-counsel throughout Canada.

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Our Locations.

We work with personal injury clients across Ontario, and advocate for families affected by medical malpractice and birth injuries throughout Canada.