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It is perhaps the most personal of all personal injuries. Sexual abuse is not accidental nor the result of negligence. It is a deliberate act that is a violent attack on the autonomy, dignity and security of another person. Survivors of this abuse often suffer in silence and may feel entirely alone as they process what happened to them. 

Have you, or someone you care about, been sexually abused or assaulted?

Reaching out for help and revealing details about what has occurred takes tremendous courage. When choosing a person or people to confide in, survivors look for someone who they can trust, someone who will not judge them or dismiss them, and someone who understands what it takes to support a survivor on their healing journey.

At Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers, we use our extensive experience and expertise in sexual abuse law to give a greater voice to sexual abuse survivors throughout Ontario. Renowned for our compassionate client care and exceptional service, our office provides a supportive and safe environment for people who have suffered from sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, and other forms of sexual trauma.

With lead sexual abuse lawyers Simona Jellinek and Erin Ellis practising almost exclusively in this area of personal injury law, our office is uniquely placed to represent people who have suffered serious physical or psychological injuries from sexual abuse.

We have represented clients in cases relating to:

  • The Maple Leaf Gardens sexual abuse scandal.
  • Indian residential schools.
  • Childrens' Aid Societies.
  • Religious institutions.
  • School boards.
  • Medical providers.
  • And many other individuals and institutions.

When you contact our office for an initial, no-obligation, free consultation, we will listen to your story with great empathy and keep what you tell us in the strictest confidence. As a sexual abuse survivor you should know there are several paths that you can take to obtaining a sense of justice.

There are no time limits that restrict when you can advance a criminal case or civil claim, even if the abuse occurred decades ago. As we explain your rights and options, we hope you will feel empowered and confident in making the right decision for yourself on how to proceed.

If you choose to pursue a civil claim for compensation through Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein, we only receive payment if we successfully obtain a settlement or court award for you. 

Taking that first step to contact a law firm to discuss how you were hurt by sexual abuse can be challenging, but when that call is made to Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein you can trust it will be received with all the compassion, professionalism and respect that you need and deserve.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

A Crime of Violence

One in four women and one in ten men will be sexually assaulted during her or his lifetime.

Sexual assault is any form of non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual assault can happen to anyone at any time. Offenders can be family members, caregivers, teachers, coaches, childcare workers, medical or other professionals, clergy, or total strangers. Sexual assault is a crime of violence. If you have been assaulted, no matter who did it or when it happened, it was not your fault.

As a survivor, you may experience different feelings including fear, guilt, hopelessness, depression, anger and confusion.

There are options and resources available to you. You have choices and power.

This website explains some of the choices for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. And with knowledge, comes the power to make the best choice.

Suing the Assailant

For some survivors, choosing to sue is the right choice.

Beginning a lawsuit is a big decision. The process can take a few years and you will have to tell your story several times to different people. You may also need to undergo various medical or psychological assessments.

A lawsuit can be a painful process, but it can also be a positive, healing experience. Perhaps most importantly, a survivor can regain a sense of power and control in suing the perpetrator(s). Other advantages of a lawsuit can include:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Compensation for past and future counseling and care.
  • Compensation for past and future economic loss, including reduced income potential.
  • Achieving closure.

    Choosing the right lawyer to help you is an important factor to consider. A lawyer with experience in the area of civil sexual abuse can help you understand the law, and consider all the factors individual to your case.

An experienced lawyer can assist you in making the best decisions to take back control of your life. Contact us to learn more about how Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein can help.

Reporting the Sexual Assault to the Police

For some, telling the police about the sexual assault can be an empowering experience. For others, involving the police is not the right choice.

There is no set time for reporting a sexual assault. The police will begin by taking a statement from you and will then start to collect evidence.

If there is enough evidence, the police will lay charges. It is important for any survivor to understand that even if the police do not lay charges, it does not mean they do not believe you. Rather, there may not be enough evidence to legally proceed.

Once charges are laid, the accused will often not be in jail pending trial. But, the judge can put conditions on the accused’s release. If the accused pleads guilty, you will not have to testify.

If the accused pleads not guilty, you will be required to provide evidence at the criminal trial and will be subjected to cross-examination by the assailant’s lawyer.

After a guilty plea or a guilty verdict, you may submit a victim impact statement to tell the judge how the assault has affected you and your family. The accused can face up to ten years in prison. If a weapon was involved, the accused can be given a life sentence.

As a survivor, it is important for you to understand that while reporting the sexual assault to the police can be very empowering, once the police are involved your ability to control the process will be limited.

After the Sexual Assault

  • Talk to someone – a friend, counselor or doctor.
  • Call a sexual assault centre or a crisis line.
  • If the sexual assault happened recently, go to a doctor as soon as possible – even if you initially have no intention of reporting the assault to police, you may later change your mind, and the evidence that a doctor can collect can be important.
  • Try to believe that you will get through this. It may take a long time and be very painful, but, with courage and assistance, things will get better.

How do I choose a sexual abuse lawyer?

Several factors need to go into your choice of a Canadian sexual assault lawyer:


Choosing a sexual abuse lawyer to represent you is an important part of your case. Having a experienced lawyer you can rely on is essential for a successful outcome.

At Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers we pride ourselves on our clients’ satisfaction. We try to answer your questions with knowledge and compassion. We understand that sometimes, the best option from a legal standpoint is not the best option for you. We advise you – we don’t tell you what to do. The choice is always yours.

We work hard to earn your trust.


Experience is crucial. At Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers, we have the experience to provide the best legal advice possible. We know the law. And we know the psychology and medicine behind the injuries.

Simona Jellinek and Erin Ellis are two of only a handful of lawyers who devote most of their practice to this difficult and specialized area. In this field for over 15 years, they have the knowledge, compassion and dedication to ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome.

Sexual abuse cases are complex and require  a lawyer with specialized experience and knowledge. We regularly represent sexual abuse survivors and obtain the compensation they deserve.

We have the experience to help.


Getting you compensation, for your injuries, is what we do. We work hard to build your case from the first time you contact us.

We don’t give up. At Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers, we have often obtained significant compensation for people who were told by other lawyers that they didn't have a case.

 But a "successful" outcome is determined by you. Although we always try to get you the most compensation possible, either through a settlement or at trial, we also understand, that at times, success has nothing to do with money.

We're dedicated to achieving the results you deserve.

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