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Teacher Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse by Teachers and Other Educational Professionals

Sexual abuse is a prevalent issue throughout the world, and unfortunately, even teachers and educational professionals are not immune to it. The power dynamics between teachers and students can create an environment where student sexual abuse can occur

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse by a teacher, educational assistant, daycare provider, principal, or other educational professional, your life has probably been affected in many ways. Almost everything about you may have suffered—your education, your relationships, and your career may have all been hurt by your past abuse.

Your teacher or principal is a figure of trust and authority, and when that trust is destroyed, you may feel helpless. Survivors of teacher sexual abuse often live their whole lives not understanding where the pain comes from; why they haven’t accomplished much with their lives; why they keep turning to drugs or alcohol. Many people come to a realization, often well into adulthood, that the pain they’ve had their whole lives is rooted in being a survivor of sexual abuse in school in the past.

Perhaps you didn’t even realize it was an abusive situation until long after the sex abuse ended. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, sexual exploitation charges apply even if victims are over the age of consent, in cases where the perpetrator is “in a position of trust or authority … or is a person with whom the young person is in a relationship of dependency.”

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If you were sexually abused by a teacher or other educational professional, you may have a claim against the person who assaulted you, or against other people who can be found responsible.

When choosing a legal representative for your case, there are many factors to consider, including legal knowledge, experience with daycare sexual abuse, or school sexual assault cases, skillful negotiating, and a track record for getting results. As one of the country’s top personal injury firms, we are proud to provide all of these assets to our clients and so much more. But, our commitment to full-circle care is what truly sets us apart.

If you are a survivor of educational sexual abuse, our sexual assault lawyers care about you as an individual and will always treat you as more than a just a case. In addition to our professional legal services, our lawyers and staff make a point to develop deep connections with you and your loved ones so that we can support you on your healing journey well beyond time spent on legal proceedings.

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