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Motorcycle Accidents

Should I get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Motorcyclists are especially at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents and often face a lengthy recovery, daily pain, suffering, a complex insurance claim, and an inability to work or care for family members, among other unexpected challenges. If you or a loved one suffers a serious injury from a motorcycle accident, the aftermath can be life-changing and overwhelming.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial that you speak to a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and let you know if you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Your injuries could lead to life-changing long-term consequences and it is important to note that there are time limits for claiming both ‘Accident Benefits’ from your vehicle insurer and damages through a court proceeding.

At Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers and their teams are committed to your wellbeing. If you require support because you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, we are here for you. No question is too small.  Contact our law firm today to speak with a personal injury lawyer. We are here to listen.

Act now

You should not delay in contacting a personal injury lawyer. Under Ontario personal injury law, a lawsuit against an at-fault party must be issued by way of a Statement of Claim with the court within two years of the date of the incident. Additional time limitations may apply, for example if your claim is against a road authority because of the conditions on the road, the lighting, or the signage.

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A no-obligation free consultation with a Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyer is only a phone call away. During the call, our motorcycle accident lawyer will discuss your injuries, accident, and current circumstances and will advise whether our law firm may be able to assist you. We will also always be direct and upfront with you, and we will therefore tell you if our personal injury law firm is not able to assist you and the reasons why.

If your case has merit and successfully results in a payment of compensation, your legal fees and expenses will be paid out of the compensation that you receive. If compensation cannot be obtained for your injuries, you will not be charged. And, of course, there is never any charge for the initial consultation, whether or not our lawyers take your case.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, and Barrie serve clients across Ontario and are here to work with you. Contact our nearest office to set up your free consultation.

Will I be eligible to receive accident benefits following a Motorcycle Accident Injury?

Every motorcycle crash is unique, making every motorcycle accident case unique. It is important to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss the details of your situation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, and Barrie serve personal injury victims and their families across Ontario.

If you are a motorcyclist who has been left seriously injured as the result of a crash:

  1. You may be entitled to receive accident benefits, also called no-fault benefits, from your motorcycle insurance company for your injuries, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.
  2. You may be entitled to receive an award of damages if another driver is at fault or if you are only partly at fault for the motorcycle accident. This is called a Tort Claim and is pursued by way of a formal lawsuit.

No-fault accident benefits claim

When involved in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario, you can claim benefits from your own motorcycle insurance company, regardless of who was at fault. This is normally the first course of action following motorcycle accidents or other motor vehicle accident. Depending on the specific policy in question, the benefits you can claim may include:

  1. Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits
  2. Attendant Care Benefits
  3. Income Replacement Benefits
  4. Non-Earner Benefits
  5. Caregiver Benefits
  6. Housekeeping Benefits
  7. Death and Funeral Benefits
  8. Other Benefits

You must notify your insurance company within 7 days, or as soon as reasonably possible, that you wish to apply for no-fault accident benefits. You must file a completed Application Form with your insurance company within 30 days after receiving the form package.

How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?

Every case is unique and requires a unique resolution. At Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, we make it our goal to deliver the very best results for you in your specific case.

In Ontario personal injury law, there are several common stages in litigation:

  • Issuing a Statement of Claim. This must be issued within two years of the date of the accident. There are limited exceptions, such as claims by minors; however, the two-year time limitation should always be top of mind.
  • Examinations for Discovery. This generally occurs within about a year of the commencement of the lawsuit.
  • Mediation. This generally takes place within about a year following the Examinations for Discovery.
  • Pre-Trial Conference. This meeting with a judge can occur within about a year following the Mediation, if the case has not settled at Mediation.
  • Trial. This can occur anywhere from three to five years after the lawsuit has been started. How long it will actually take to get to trial will depend on factors such as the complexity of the litigation and the region in which the lawsuit is brought.

Claims can settle at any point throughout this timeline based on many factors. Our supportive personal injury lawyers always seek to obtain maximum compensation for our clients based on the nature of each specific personal injury case.

What is the average payout for a motorcycle accident?

In Ontario personal injury law, a tort claim can only be settled once the lawyer fully understands your personal injuries and how they will impact your future. This means that you must seek the help of medical professionals and a personal injury lawyer following your motorcycle accident. An appropriate settlement can only be reached once there is a complete understanding of your current and future medical and other needs.

How does a motorcycle accident lawyer help?

Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer will also reduce the amount of time your case takes.  They know how to best approach your situation and can help you navigate through the different stages of a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer can advise you whether and when it might be beneficial to settle out of court, and what your other options may be.

It is always best to find a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Being proactive helps you by giving you enough time to file the proper paperwork and begin your recovery process.

Why Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers?

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help when you need it most, so you are never alone. Our skilled team will guide you through the complex legalities of a claim. Our in-house medical consultant can help you understand your injuries and connect you or your loved ones with valuable resources. You can  contact us for a no-obligation, free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers do not charge any legal fees until your case is settled.

To learn more about how we can help you or discuss a potential motorcycle accident injury claim, contact our personal injury law firm today.

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