Sponsorship Testimonials

S P O N S O R S H I P  l    In Support of Children with Neurological Disorders

The Gluckstein Just Be Love Photo Contest was dedicated to our six-year-old client, Maclain, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Fundraising initiative to support the efforts of Three To Be Foundation and children affected by neurological conditions.  l   Contest Details l

I am amazed and feel inspired with the creativity and heart in your organization, as expressed by your involvement in this wonderful Just Be Love Gala and Photo contest ! I agree wholeheartedly - If everyone focuses on BEING LOVE in ALL WE DO, we will transform the world ! — Best Regards, Pilar Tomlinson

Dear Bernard, What a great cause, I have had the opportunity to see how neurological disorders can have a huge impact on children, by being witness to a disease called Nieman Pick, a rare disorder that mainly effects children. It is sad to see how these devastating illnesses ravage children and their families. Keep up the great work! — Leah Fitzpatrick

Charles, I can't make this event but I have donated to the charity. Good for you for your involvement and that of your colleagues and firm. — Best regards, Vance

What a lovely idea. — Regards, Gerri Camus

Charles, This is a great job your firm is doing! Good luck! — Reema Chopra

Great initiative, Charles! — Pascale Daigneault

Best of luck with your contest and sponsorship. Research in fields like pediatric neurological disorders is very important. — Duncan White
Charles, Great cause, great people (you are) and great promotion for compromised kids and adults. Enlighten me directly on this and I shall do my best. As you know, I fight for these people every day of my life. — Paul Mann

Well done, Charles. I was at the gala last year. Great cause! — Michael Lende

This is a great idea. Good luck. This a cause dear to my heart as we work with many kids with neurodevelopmental disorders in Toronto and York Region. —Stephanie Hayes

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