Long-term Disability

An insurance contract should provide peace of mind. In exchange for premiums paid in good faith, people expect to receive benefits when they need it most. Unfortunately, many people struck with critical illness or injury find that their insurer denies their claim. If this is happening to you, you can get help from a lawyer. You should devote your full energy to your own health and to looking after your family — our legal team can take care of the rest.

Gluckstein Lawyers advocates for people who face resistance from their insurers after an initial claim, or whose benefits are cut off while they are still disabled or recovering. Our disability lawyers in Toronto and Niagara work with injured people every day. We see that illness is often unpredictable and that insurance coverage is often essential to see people through recovery.

Advocating During Times Of Critical Illness

Many people in Ontario face a tough haul after the diagnosis of a long-term illness impacts their family. Human nature drives people to make paramount what is most important: their close loved ones and their own health. At times like this, insurance coverage should be available to relieve the financial burden during periods when one cannot work. Unfortunately, coverage does not always come through — or it can be less than anticipated. We can help, by acting as your advocates and exhausting all potential avenues for support during this time.

Support During Recovery From Injury

When injury prevents you from working, a long-term disability claim may be your only source of income. In addition to there being no money coming in, many people have to pay out of pocket for rehabilitative services such as physiotherapy that can help them get better. It is not always easy to show an insurer that your injury is real and continuing; the insurer often denies benefits outright or cuts them off prematurely. When you need help, we can work on your behalf to get you the support you need.

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