Dianne Henderson | In-house Medical Consultant

Dianne received her nurses training at the Mack School of Nursing. She attended Brock University for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Masters of Education. Experience in a wide variety of clinical and nursing settings gives Dianne a rich knowledge base that allows her an understanding of the severity of the injuries that our clients face. Her role as the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Niagara for six years gives her the advocacy skills that are required as a Medical Consultant to Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers. The additional services that Dianne provides to the clients of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers are unique to this firm. Beyond the legal expertise in our office, Dianne offers medical insight that assists the lawyers to understand the degree of disability and impairment. Her knowledge is particularly supportive in "catastrophic determination".


With many achievements throughout her career, Dianne has been honoured with:

  • The Professional of the Year Award

Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) recognized Dianne for her outstanding contributions to improving the lives of those living with the effects of acquired brain injury.

  • The Ontario Volunteer Service Award

The Ontario Government, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration recognized Dianne for her volunteer service.

  • Managing Your Recovery in Ontario: A Self-Advocacy Guide

This year, Dianne has received many accolades, as noted with this testimonial:

Congratulations Dianne!! You must be very proud of this publication and your accomplishment... this guide will prove to be an extremely useful tool to thousands of Ontarians seeking help and direction as to what is available and next steps for their specific needs from OHIP to Power of Attorney. The simplistic step-by-step factual format and content including organizational contact information is phenomenal!! This is an extremely useful Guide/Tool/Reference that should be in every household, emergency vehicle, and hospital in Ontario!! — Jim Hayward, Firefighter

Current Positions

Among her various commitments, Dianne was a Member of the Board to Headway Homes, a non-profit organization that intended to provide residence and services for severely brain-injured individuals. She was a committee member to Brain Injury Awareness Month (BIAM).

  • Dianne is also an instructor for the "Brain Injury Training Program" offered to Registered Nursing Staff and Community Support Workers across Ontario.
  • Dianne co-ordinates conferences, some of which include "Compassion Fatigue", "Seize The Day" and "From Hospital to Home" and the Toronto Collaborative Neurosciences Symposium
  • Dianne is continuously asked to share her knowledge and expertise at various conferences and clinics.

The author of many publications, Dianne also co-authored the chapter, "Litigating a Brain Injury Case" in the "Personal Injury Practice Manual".

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