Occupiers’ Liability And Slips-And-Falls

When you are badly hurt on another person's property, your injuries may not be your fault. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that their premises are safe, whether the premises are a store, a company, the city roads and sidewalks, or your neighbour's property. While you are living with injury, you should have access to the support you need to get better.

Occupiers' liability simply means making a legal claim against an individual, business or institution because they did not take care of their property — and you were hurt as a result. Gluckstein Lawyers is a Toronto and Niagara Personal Injury firm with a decades-long history as legal advocates in Ontario. If you've been hurt, let us do the right thing for you and your family.

Standing Up For Injured People

Many circumstances can lead to an occupiers' liability claim. Some of them include:

  • Slips-and-falls on icy sidewalks or private property such as parking lots
  • Trips on broken stairs or on poorly lit staircases
  • Hazardous materials left in highly trafficked areas
  • Falling objects
  • Store displays in dangerous areas
  • Spills or debris on store floors

Every day, people are hurt as a result of these hazards. Our firm's lawyers take immediate steps to investigate the injury and find its cause, so we can be the best advocates for our clients.

Working For Families

Our firm's Toronto occupiers' liability lawyers also help families whose children have been seriously injured at locations such as camps, amusement parks, swimming pools and other recreational facilities — providing parents with much-needed support and compassion during a time of great stress. There is perhaps no event more tragic for parents than seeing their child get hurt. At Gluckstein, we are focused solely on helping your family rebuild.

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