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Award Recognition: 2015 Canadian Disability Hall of Fame

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Award of Distinction 

BERNARD GLUCKSTEIN, Founder, Gluckstein Lawyers, has been recognized many times for his work to advance the causes of the disabled, including being a King Clancy Award recipient. On Friday October 30, 2015 Bernard added another prestigious accolade to his title when he was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame. We would like to take this moment to congratulate Bernard on this momentous accomplishment.

Bernard continues to exemplify the mission and values of his firm, setting the bar high, while asking everyone to reach it with him. His legacy of giving back is impressive and admirable and for this we would like to express our gratitude to him.

Each year the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding Canadians who make extraordinary contributions to enriching the quality of life for people with physical disabilities. Alongside Bernard, the other 2015 inductee's were Lauren Barwick, a top ranked equestrian and CBC's Rick Mercer, a popular Canadian television personality.

Gluckstein Lawyers would like to congratulate both Lauren Barwick and Rick Mercer on this esteemed achievement.

The influence of trailblazers such as Bernard Gluckstein, Lauren Barwick and Rick Mercer who have committed to making a significant difference in the lives of those who are physically disabled by creating awareness and change is remarkable.

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I am so proud that my father was honoured this way. He truly has been dedicated and giving to the disabled community long before I was born. I have such fond childhood memories of going with him to Variety Village and enjoying some of the games that were held there. My dad interacted and brought out smiles from all the participants who were additionally thrilled to see their photographs taken by my father posted in a prominent light.

My dad has a love and joy of working alongside individuals with disability. This runs through all parts of his life; whether it is in law, photography or, on his travels — his mind is always tuned to trying to bring out the joy of life in everyone.

— Charles

Hi Bernie,

You may not remember this 'old Social Worker from Bloorview' who retired several years ago, but, I just became aware of the Award you received with 2 other respected beloved Canadians for your contribution to those individuals with disability.

I worked on the Brain Injury Rehab Team and we always felt confident when we knew our Client/Family had you/your Firm representing them.

A well-deserved award Bernie...... Congratulations.


Congratulations on receiving the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Award. Your lifetime commitment to enhancing and making a difference to those who are physically disabled is remarkable. Thank you for being a champion of such a great cause and for leading the way in creating awareness and acceptance.

I’m inspired by all that you do to give people hope, courage and strength. I am very fortunate to know you and feel you are so deserving of this special award!


Your dedication, passion and perseverance has paid off.
Congratulations for always evolving and inspiring others.

Congratulations on your success Bernie!
Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight is very inspiring!

Congratulations Bernie,
You are the true definition of leader.
I'm certain you didn't help others because you should,
you helped because you could.
The work we do as volunteers makes a community rich for all.
Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do.
All my best, Dee

Congratulations Bernie on receiving such a prestigious award!!!
You continue to amaze me with your dedication to helping others!!!

Mazel Tov! what a well deserved honour. Many years ago, inspired by others like you, I adopted the philosophy "Do good while you are doing well." I have tried in my own way to live by it ever since and get faklempt when I see those I admire recognized for their help to others. Well done!

Congratulations on receiving such a wonderful honour.
A good reward for your hard work, patience, kindness and understanding of all of all people from all walks of life.
You are a special person indeed!
Passing this on to Irv as it came to my email.

Dear Bernie,

Congratulations on this most amazing and prestigious award.

You are so deserving of this. Your never ending dedication and commitment to your clients is incredible.

I am honoured to call you a friend and wish you all the best.


Hi Bernie,

Congratulations for all your years of exceptional work helping your clients and giving back honour and respect to the practice of law. You set a high bar for all others in the profession. All the best.


Congratulations Bernie ! this is like a cherry on the sundae that is your life's work. Keep well and keep making a difference in people's lives. Linda

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