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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast has been CPD Accredited by the Law Society of Ontario

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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast has been CPD Accredited by the Law Society of Ontario

Gluckstein Lawyers has always been known for embracing innovation and technology. In 2020, we continued to implement fresh ideas to serve our clients and the broader legal community better and to stay connected. In July, we launched “Butter Torts: A Truly Legal Canadian Podcast.” The podcast explores different areas of personal injury law, bringing important focus to community organizations and causes. The podcast offers an opportunity to meet the many members of our fantastic team and learn more about their role in helping our clients lead better lives.

But there is more exciting news! Butter Torts has recently been CPD accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for its legal content. Tune in every other Friday to listen to a new episode, of which some of the programs may contain Professionalism and Substantive content. Each episode is a separate program, so please read the show notes for details.

Here are a few highlights from the shows currently accredited:


Episode 002

Title: Class Action: A Mechanism for Change

Guest: Jordan Assaraf, Lawyer, Gluckstein Lawyers


In this episode, Jordan explains what a class action is compared to Mass Torts and how they operate to promote behaviour modification. He answers questions about what happens when someone is not aware that they can be part of a class action and why would someone be interested in being a member of a class action?


Episode 003

Title: Medical Malpractice Mitigation Step by Step

Guest: Richard Halpern, Senior Lawyer, Gluckstein Lawyers

CPD: The Law Society of Ontario has accredited Medical Malpractice Mitigation Step by Step. This program contains 45 minutes of Professionalism Content.


Richard Halpern shares his expertise, detailing step by step the process of birth trauma cases and medical malpractice in general. Richard thoughtfully explains how a case goes from the initial stage, when parents approach a lawyer looking for answers, through the investigation and discovery phases, finding what happened in the specific medical situation. He shares how to select and work with the right experts and how a case is conducted.


Episode 004

Title: How to Recognize a Case of Medical Malpractice

Guest: Jan Marin, Lawyer and Senior Associate, Gluckstein Lawyers

CPD: This program contains 50 minutes of Substantive Content.


In simple terms, Jan explains what medical malpractice is, including the challenges and complications in identifying a possible case of medical negligence. Jan leads the audience along the difficult road of accompanying a family in claiming financial compensation for the losses they suffered and will have to cope with in the future due to the damage done by medical negligence. She discusses what it is like to be a woman in the legal world and talks about when the clients prefer a female lawyer and when a female lawyer can be underestimated.


Episode 006

Title: Long Term Disability Insurance

Guest: David Lackman, Lawyer and Senior Associate, Gluckstein Lawyers

CPD: This program contains 35 minutes of Substantive Content.


David Lackman talks about the Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance, its meaning, who pays for it and how long it takes for the payment to be effective in short- and long-term disability cases. David also explains the requirements to be qualified for LTD and much more valuable information about this topic.


Episode 009

Title: Pediatric Brain Injury, Leading Parents through the Legal Process

Guests: Brenda Agnew, Client Liaison, Gluckstein Lawyers | Charles Gluckstein, Managing Partner, Gluckstein Lawyers | Richard Halpern, Senior Lawyer, Gluckstein Lawyers

CPD: Currently being reviewed by the Law Society of Ontario for its Professionalism Content.


Brenda is a former client that now works with the Glusckstein family as a client liaison. She is the proud mother of two boys, Chase and Maclain. Her son Maclain has severe Cerebral Palsy and profound hearing loss due to a condition known as Kernicterus, a brain injury that results from untreated jaundice.

Richard is a senior lawyer acting exclusively for injured people in medical negligence cases, focusing on infants injured at or around the time of birth. Richard is known across Canada for his expertise in birth injury cases. He has more than 30 years of experience representing seriously injured people. Today he will share his insights on helping parents make decisions about choosing a law firm and understanding their lawsuit.

This episode is centered on a pediatric birth injury. These cases are heart-wrenching, where lawyers have to deal with the most vulnerable, those who don’t have a voice for themselves, and also with their families with complex dynamics resulting from the impact caused by a child who suffered a life-altering injury.


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Be sure to follow Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast. We have some exciting guests and topics coming up, including Jan Marin discussing the recent win at the Supreme Court of Canada. The (“SCC”) heard the appeal in Armstrong v. Ward, SCC 39049. The Court ultimately allowed the appeal, adopting the dissenting reasons of Madam Justice van Rensburg of the Ontario Court of Appeal.