Alleslev-Krofchak v. Valcom Limited, 2010 ONCA 557

Derek Nicholson and Megan Murphy were successful in winning a four week trial in the case of Alleslev-Krofchak et al vs Valcom, et al. The Plaintiffs were successful in recovering $100,000 in damages for defamation, $100,000 in damages for interference in economic relations and in establishing a conspiracy. The Plaintiff also recovered significant damages for economic loss with the total Judgment approaching $1,000,000 with interest and costs.

The matter of Krofchak v. Valcom was heard by the Court of Appeal on March 29th and 30th, 2010.

In August 2010, the Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Alleslev-Krofchach et al vs. Valcom et al Decision. Derek Nicholson, with the assistance of Toronto Court of Appeal specialist Ronald Slaght, was successful in maintaining his victory at Trial in the case of Alleslev-Krofchak et al vs Valcom et al with respect to the developing torts of inducing breach of contract, intentional interference with economic relations, conspiracy and defamation.

Derek Nicholson’s landmark decision in Krofchak involving torts of defamation, intentional interference with Economic Relations, Inducing Breach of Contract and Conspiracy was the subject matter of a cover story in News Papers across Canada including the Ottawa Citizen, the Calgary Herald and the Montreal Gazette. The decision was seen by the Supreme Court of Canada on a Leave to Appeal Application brought by the Respondents.