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Compassion Fatigue Seminar 2008

Compassion Fatigue – Caring for patients, clients and their families can take a heavy emotional toll on health care professionals and social workers in the trauma area. The often overlooked stress and trauma experienced by those providing care is addressed at these annual seminars sponsored by Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP. This year Compassion Fatigue 2008 theme is Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery and has two prominent facilitators & presenters, Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych. Founder and director of Traumatology Institute (Canada) and Karl LaRowe M.A., LCSW International speaker, author and workshop presenter. About This Year’s Seminar Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych. will be presenting a resiliency enhancement program that is both didactic and experiential and is designed to turn Compassion Fatigue into Compassionate Rejuvenation. Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery Learning Objectives

  • Define the meaning of Compassion Fatigue in the lives of helping professionals
  • Recognize Compassion Fatigue warning signs and symptoms
  • Learn protocols for self-assessment, prevention and self-care
  • Identify key competencies in managing Compassion Fatigue
  • Establish knowledge of self-care strategies for resiliency and renewal
  • Challenge cognitive distortions, enhance self-mastery and reduce stress impact
  • Recognize blocks to self-care and discover resolution exercises that may assist in the release of emotional wounds that can limit abilities

Karl LaRowe M.A., LCSW International speaker, author and workshop presenter. Karl LaRowe is one of the leading authorities on transforming compassion fatigue into energy and engagement. As the creator of Flow Motion TM (a combination of movement, breathing and visualization techniques inspired by the ancient Chinese martial art of Qigong), Karl works with social workers, nurses, therapists, supervisors, managers and other professionals who want to discharge the energy residue of secondary traumatic stress to achieve breakthrough growth. Breath of Relief: Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Positive Energy Flow Participants learn to:

  • Recognize early warning signs of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Discharge the energy residue of cumulative stress
  • Recharge body and mind with tools that replenish energy and enthusiasm
  • Develop warrior qualities of mindfulness, focus and concentration
  • See the advantage of harmony over conflict
  • Understand the opportunity in every challenge
  • Transform opponents into partners
  • Create highly effective communication with co-workers and clients
  • Generate satisfying, productive relationships

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