Legal Webinar: The Golden Years Standard (Navigating Elderly Clients through a Slow System)

Jonathan Burton, Senior Associate with Gluckstein Lawyers will present on navigating the legal process for personal injury clients 65 and up.

When it comes to representing Plaintiffs age 65 and up, lawyers must be attuned to many important strategies to best advocate for this demographic.

Issues such as the timing of pleadings, client communication and overcoming general ageism are vital to succeeding. Establishing trust and building rapport with these clients and their family members is essential.

Being mindful about future planning issues such as Power of Attorney and Estates, and helping connect these clients to the necessary experts should be on the Plaintiff lawyer’s mind at intake. Building the case through persuasive evidence of the pre-accident life can assist in achieving fairer results. Getting the client’s case to the finish line requires skill and expertise in understanding the uniqueness of each individual client. The “Golden Years” client deserves the best representation possible from a lawyer who truly understands them.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST