Personal Injury CPD Legal Webinar Series

The legal world is changing, and personal injury law has never been more complicated.

The team at Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers is excited to offer our four-part CPD personal injury legal webinar series. Attendees will learn how to navigate complex Personal Injury Law cases and how best to handle cases involving Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Sexual Abuse and Long Haul COVID claims. These one-hour sessions will cover your practice area with tips from experienced litigators managing these cases.

You will have an opportunity to network with other attendees who share similar interests while asking questions of the presenters - it doesn't matter if this is new territory because we'd love to connect and chat too. You can attend all the presentations online, so you don't need to miss out on valuable knowledge. You will also have access to the recorded sessions after the event. 

Nicholson Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to expanding our offerings to ensure we better serve our communities. As one of the country's top-ranked personal injury firms, we are respected by our peers, and we have earned a reputation among our clients for getting results as we take on even the most challenging and complex files. Help build your practice and get more for your clients with confidence.

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Topic: The Evaluation and Proof of Causation

Speaker: Richard Halpern, Senior Counsel


The webinar will focus on the evaluation and proof of causation in complex medical malpractice cases, with emphasis on the meeting the legal test of causation, working with experts, and the use and misuse of scientific literature.

Richard Halpern is Senior Counsel at Gluckstein Lawyers, acting exclusively for injured people in medical negligence cases, focusing on infants injured at or around birth. Richard is known across Canada for his expertise in birth injury cases. He has more than 30 years of experience representing seriously injured people.

Richard is known for tackling some of the most complex and challenging medical malpractice cases. He has lectured and written extensively on matters concerned with obstetrics, the cause of newborn injury, medical malpractice cases more generally, and legal and trial strategies. He has delivered more than 80 presentations to professional groups.


SEXUAL ABUSE WEBINAR – October 13, 2022

Topic: Sexual Abuse Civil Litigation

Speaker: Simona Jellinek, Senior Counsel

As lawyers who focus on sexual abuse and sexual assault cases, we have developed our practice in a way that creates an affirming environment for our clients and is deeply sensitive to their needs.

Simona represented her first survivor of sexual assault in 1998, an experience that ultimately defined her career in law. Since then, she has distinguished herself by successfully advocating for countless survivors of sexual assault – both men and women.

Simona’s clients come from across North America and as far away as Australia. Her experience includes representing plaintiffs in the Maple Leaf Gardens sexual abuse cases and cases involving the Crown, Children’s Aid Societies, religious institutions, and school boards. She also represents claimants from Walpole Island First Nations in the Independent Assessment Process for survivors of Aboriginal Residential Schools.

Hear from Simona, who will discuss navigating and managing Sexual Abuse civil cases and, more importantly, how to support your clients through a challenging process.


LONG TERM DISABILITY – October 27, 2022

Topic: Long Haul COVID Claims

Speaker: Steve Rastin, Senior Counsel

The science around COVID-19 is continually evolving, many assume that COVID-19 symptoms are only temporary, but that’s not always the case. There is now growing medical evidence of long-term after-effects still suffered by people called long-haulers.

Many long-haulers seeking long term disability benefits for several months pursue legal advice because their insurance companies refuse to examine their claims. This is becoming a massive battleground as more Canadians fight for their rights and to receive benefits that are essential, as many are unable to return to work due to these symptoms.

Hear from Steve Rastin, who will discuss the many challenges you may face while defending these COVID-19 claims or cases:

  • No test results
  • No paper trail
  • No clinical definition



Topic: Products Liability Cases: Protecting Consumers and Effecting Change in Production Practices

Speaker: Derek Nicholson, Senior Counsel

Product Liability lawsuits are an effective way to protect the consumer by spurring manufacturers to make changes to their products or production practices that are otherwise dangerous potentially due to design defects or manufacturing defects. In addition to individual actions, mass torts and class actions can be an efficient and cost-effective way to navigate the legal system for multiple parties experiencing the same or similar injuries. Hear one of Ottawa’s most experienced trial lawyers, Derek Nicholson, discuss the best recourse for taking legal action on behalf of those seriously injured individuals by a product that is defective on the market.

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