Where is My Casserole?

Regardless of the numerous campaigns and publicized initiatives, the stigma around Mental Health remains. The reluctance to view and treat mental health with the same focus and compassion as physical health is that two-tiered approach. A continued inability to talk openly and honestly about living with a diagnosis and caring for a friend or family member with a diagnosis continues.

Access to support and resources can also be compromised for both the patient and the caregiver. To continue to discuss, share, and learn the impact of Mental Health on our larger community, our loved ones, and our own lives, we are offering this complimentary event to anyone and everyone who can benefit from this conversation.

Our panel comprises community members who are either living with mental health issues or are caring for someone with a diagnosis—moderated by Michael Landsberg, an outspoken Mental Health warrior who will bring his own experience and insights to the discussion.

“When we talk openly, frankly, and honestly about mental health, we’re one step closer to healing.”
- 12:30 PM
Online Event