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Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers

On any given day, many scenarios can unfold, resulting in a severe accident or injury. For instance, you could encounter a distracted driver on your way to work, resulting in a car accident or slip and fall while skating during an outing on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal in the winter.

In the wake of a life-altering injury or accident, the granular details of what comes next may be uncertain. You may be asking yourself:

  • What is considered a personal injury?
  • Do I need a personal injury lawyer?
  • What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the fallout from your or your loved one’s personal injury or accident, including potential wage losses or rehabilitation fees, you may be entitled to damages for your suffering.

An Ottawa personal injury lawyer at Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers is here to guide you through this overwhelming time with compassion, care, unending dedication and advocacy. Personal injuries are often complicated, and time is of the essence as Ontario Law states that you have two years to file a lawsuit after an accident.

With a respected track record of successful personal injury lawsuits and our experienced lawyers, Nicholson Gluckstein will be here from the free consultation far past the end of litigation. Our law firm takes full circle care seriously and never hesitates to put our clients and their needs first.

Statute of limitations for filing Personal Injury claim

It is only natural to be taken aback after you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury. It is important to act quickly after a personal injury, as there is a strict two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

There are nuances to every situation and personal injury claim, which is why having one of our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario, on your team is critical. We will strategize and take the appropriate steps to litigate your claim to the best of our abilities while you focus on yourself or your loved one’s well-being. Rest assured, we will take care of the deadlines and will never receive compensation if you do not receive any damages for your claim.

Personal injury cases we litigate

There are many different types of personal injuries one can suffer. Commonly, injuries result from slips and falls, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents or defective products. However, there is a full spectrum of accidents that can occur outside of these situations and can cause serious long-term physical and/or emotional injuries and/or financial losses.

At Nicholson Gluckstein Personal injury Lawyers, we focus on the following areas of personal injury law:

Each of these distinct areas of personal injury law has different grounds for claims in Eastern Ontario. For example, in Ontario, a consumer can only file a product liability suit if they can prove that the item at hand was “unreasonably dangerous” due to a flaw that existed when the product was initially made available to the public. On the other hand, if you or your family are pursuing a catastrophic injury claim, you will have to decide between filing a wrongful death claim or a Family Law Act claim, which have different thresholds and can often be confusing to understand. One of our personal injury lawyers can help you every step of the way when filing your claims in Ottawa.

When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A Nicholson Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you from the day of your free consultation far past the end of your litigation. Our lawyers are here to provide guidance, support, and committed advocacy for you or your loved one during a challenging time in your life. Our role is to provide services to any accident victim who suffers a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence or rash conduct, regardless of if it is accidental or intentional. We will represent you at settlement negotiations or in court if necessary. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers will advocate for you with your insurance company and ensure your needs are taken care of. We provide a personalized approach to your handling your claim by explaining the law and your claim every step of the way. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a personal injury, it can be terrifying, and you may not know where to begin. At Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers, we will assist you at every turn.

What can I expect from Nicholson Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers?

Nicholson Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers has proven our commitment to helping victims. Our empathetic and highly-knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Ottawa are here to advocate for your or your loved one tirelessly. Full circle care is a guiding principle for us, and we are committed to providing it to every one of our clients and their families. We are here to help you get the treatment and care you deserve while fighting for maximum compensation for your or your loved one’s serious injuries or disabilities. Contacting a personal injury lawyer is the first step toward receiving the compensation and care you deserve. Please speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa or schedule a free consultation today.

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