Are surgical implants safe?

While there are inherent risks with any surgical procedure, on the whole, most surgical implants have benefits that outweigh the anticipated risks for a given patient. A patient and their doctor would determine if a surgical implant is the right option after the patient is informed of the benefit of the surgery and all known or potential risks that come with the surgery and the medical device. Prior to recent changes to the medical device approvals and monitoring process, however, an unfortunate number of defective surgical implants were permitted for use. Many of these implants remain inside people and have unreasonably high risk of causing harm of death. Although hospitals are now required to track certain implants in order to communicate information about recalls directly to affected patients, if you believe your surgical implant is defective in some way you should consult government sources for ant recall information, make your medical provider or surgeon aware of your concerns, and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer if you have experienced injury or loss related to an implant.