How can Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers help with your class action or mass tort?

Class action lawsuits are lengthy and complicated. The most important objective of a class action is to help individuals pursue legal action against large entities, such as corporations or governments that have deep pockets and access to resources. By joining a class action, individuals are provided with an opportunity to seek a legal remedy for the alleged damages. The appeal for members who join a class proceeding may owe to the overwhelming importance of the issues in dispute.

There is nothing you have to do directly to join a class action. A court order defines the class action, and if you fall within the definition which is set by the court, you are automatically included, unless you decide you do not wish to participate in the suit.

If you would like to preserve your right to pursue an individual case, you must opt-out of the class action. There will be a limited window of time for you to opt-out, which will be indicated in the certification order, which is sent out after the proceeding is certified. However, be aware that once you have opted out, you are no longer entitled to any settlement, which may be given if the case is resolved.