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2018.11 handfull hearts

Handfull Hearts 2018

Handfull Hearts is an initiative which arranges baskets of necessary goodies for families who are staying in the NICU during the holiday season.


The Goal

The purpose is to provide support to aid, ease and connect parents staying in NICU’s over the holidays. The baskets are provided as means of support so that parents can face their difficult situation with strength, optimism and gratitude. The families in these situations are warriors fighting incredible difficult battles, and this initiative strives to provide some joy and comfort during that time.


Gluckstein Lawyers’ Participation: Supporter

Gluckstein is a proud Supporter of this initiative. We are donating flashlights and chocolates to the baskets, in hopes that they will lift the spirits of those who receive them. We are so pleased to support the Handfull Hearts initiative each year, and are inspired by the dedication and compassion of the team of people who make it a reality.


To Learn More, Please Visit the Official Website

If you are interested in learning more about Handfull Hearts, please visit their website at , or follow them on social media at:

Instagram – @handfullhearts

Facebook –