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2018.11 Ability Gives

Holiday Giving Campaign: Ability Gives Partnership

Written by Brenda Agnew, Client Liaison


For this holiday season, we at Gluckstein Lawyers are pleased to announce that we are starting the tradition of our annual Holiday Giving Campaign. For our first-annual event, we are partnering with Ability Gives to help change the lives of three incredible families.


Ability Gives: Their Vision and Goal

Ability Gives provides funding for families for items which are not eligible for any other form of funding. Ability Gives partners with families to raise money for items through fundraising initiatives.

100% of the proceeds which Ability Gives receives from donors goes directly to the children they partner with. They bridge the financial gap to make the impossible for families possible.


Gluckstein Partners with Ability Gives

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Ability Gives for our Holiday Giving Campaign this year. We will be working with them to support three families who are fundraising for items to improve the quality of life for their children with disabilities.

Ability Gives is a well-respected organization in their community, and have partnered with many families to assist in the coordination of fundraising initiatives to secure items which the family needs. These items can include, for example, adaptive clothing, bicycles, iPads, etc.

Through Ability Gives, a Donation Page has been setup to raise funds for these families. Gluckstein Lawyers are committing to supporting three families, and are sharing this page with our friends, colleagues and our community in they sincerest hope that you will also offer your support. You can find the Donation Page HERE.


Meet the Ability Gives Kids!

Through this year’s Holiday Giving Campaign, we will be able to help three amazing kids obtain greater accessibility to their families, community, and peers. These incredible children are pictured above.

Eight-year-old Kadience has spina bifida and is just one of many Ability Gives children waiting for support. With your donation Kadience will receive a custom-made winter coat that will go over her wheelchair, allowing her to join her peers for outdoor recess.

Seven-year-old Chizy has Autism and is non-verbal. She needs an iPad and the “Let me talk” app so that she can communicate with her family.

Four-year-old Dominic just started school this year and needs a specialized hearing aid to allow his language skills to develop properly.


Gluckstein Begins New Holiday Tradition of Giving Back

Giving back to the community is one of the strongest values we hold as a firm– this is part of our promise to our clients and community of offering full-circle care and support to those who walk through our door.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we believe that every child has the right to be a kid. We are committed to helping ensure that every child and person are included and have access to their community. Let’s work together to ensure that every kid gets a chance to be a kid.


To learn more about Ability Gives, you can visit their website at, or visit their Facebook page at


You can also contact them directly at call 416-650-6207 or toll-free 1-866-650-6207 or email

Ability Gives (launched in Toronto, Canada) is a program of Ability Online  – charitable # 13749 7335 RR0001