Episode 003: Medical Malpractice Mitigations Step by Step with Richard Halpern

In today’s episode of Butter Torts: A truly Canadian Legal Podcast, Charles Gluckstein, is interviewing Richard Halpern, who is a senior lawyer acting exclusively for injured people in medical negligence cases, with a special focus on infants injured at or around the time of birth. Richard is known across Canada for his expertise in birth injury cases. He has more than 30 years of experience representing seriously injured people and now he has joined the Gluckstein Lawyers family.

Richard Halpern shares his expertise, detailing step by step the process of birth trauma cases and medical malpractice in general. Richard thoughtfully explains how a case goes from the initial stage, when parents approach a lawyer looking for answers, through the investigation and discovery phases, finding what happened in the specific medical situation. Richard shares how it is to select and work along with the right experts, and how a case is conducted until the pre-trial and trial take place.