Medical Malpractice Webinar: "The Evaluation and Proof of Causation" with Richard Halpern, Senior Counsel

This webinar focuses on the evaluation and proof of causation in complex medical malpractice cases, with emphasis on the meeting the legal test of causation, working with experts, and the use and misuse of scientific literature.

Richard Halpern is Senior Counsel at Gluckstein Lawyers, acting exclusively for injured people in medical negligence cases, focusing on infants injured at or around birth. Richard is known across Canada for his expertise in birth injury cases. He has more than 30 years of experience representing seriously injured people.

Richard is known for tackling some of the most complex and challenging medical malpractice cases. He has lectured and written extensively on matters concerned with obstetrics, the cause of newborn injury, medical malpractice cases more generally, and legal and trial strategies. He has delivered more than 80 presentations to professional groups.