Sexual Abuse and the Law with Simona Jellinek

As lawyers who focus on sexual abuse and sexual assault cases, we have developed our practice in a way that creates an affirming environment for our clients and is deeply sensitive to their needs.

Simona Jellinek represented her first survivor of sexual assault in 1998, an experience that ultimately defined her career in law. Since then, she has distinguished herself by successfully advocating for countless survivors of sexual assault – both men and women.

Simona’s clients come from across North America and as far away as Australia. Her experience includes representing plaintiffs in the Maple Leaf Gardens sexual abuse cases and cases involving the Crown, Children’s Aid Societies, religious institutions, and school boards. She also represents claimants from Walpole Island First Nations in the Independent Assessment Process for survivors of Aboriginal Residential Schools.

Hear from Simona, who will discuss navigating and managing Sexual Abuse civil cases and, more importantly, how to support your clients through a challenging process.